Church LeadershipSome years ago, the board chairman of a large church announced to the congregation that portions of the “New Testament did not apply to the church today.” He was struggling with what God had said about church leadership. He did not like what he was reading or hearing. He viewed God's truth about church leadership as being “ancient” and unpractical. The focus and vision of the church today is often driven by organizational values, concerns and agendas that are not biblical. God's principles are ignored either directly or through well intentioned neglect.

It is a spiritual axiom that the quality of the spiritual leadership - the spiritual shepherds - affects the spiritual health of the local church. The church is a barometer of the spiritual life of its shepherds. It is very difficult for church members to grow beyond immature spiritual shepherds.

God's passion for each of us is that we would love Him and seek Him. The spiritual shepherds of the flock should be examples of men who know that God greatly loves them and who in turn deeply love and desire to know Him as one would a very close friend. When the spiritual shepherds love Him, the church will be dynamic and vital. God is seeking men who really love Him and desire to shepherd the flock His way. It is our heart felt desire that the following documents and past questions and answers will minister to you as you seek God’s pattern of biblical leadership.

Church Leadership - Q&A

The following questions and answers are related to church leadership. We encourage you to explore them and ask questions.

Who are the elders, overseers and pastors?

What are the qualifications of an elder?

What are the pastor's duties to a church?

Start A Church — How can a Bible study become a church?

Does God speak only to pastors?

Can only pastors teach and preach the Word of God?

Can a pastor be the chairman of the church or the leadership?

Can a divorced man be an elder or a pastor? — husband of one wife

Can a divorced man, who is not a pastor, be ordained to preach?

Since I am divorced, can I be in the ministry?

Should our pastor continue in the ministry after his wife divorced him?

What should the church do when the pastor refuses to resign? — Church split

Can we elect divorced men to serve as deacons?

Can a single man become a deacon? Can a woman be a deacon?

Is there a difference between a church leader and a spiritual leader in the church?

How should I go about teaching my congregation about church leadership?

Why do pastors fail in the ministry? — Reasons Pastors Fail

What does a Christian do when their pastor sins?

Our pastor has sinned. The elders will not take action. What should we do?

How do you approach your pastor if he is teaching error?

Is it right for pastors to get paid as a profession?

What can the church do for pastors without a retirement plan?

What is the church's responsibility in caring for a pastor?

What is real church?

Which church denominations are biblical and believe the Bible?

Is there one true church? Jesus prayed for unity.

How do I know which church to attend?

When should a person leave a church?

Should I leave since I do not agree with the doctrine of the church?

Should the institutional church exist?

What are the scriptures that talk about Christian Education?

Isn't selecting a pastor like casting lots?

Is it biblical for a pastor to counsel a couple considering divorce?

Should a leader profit from doing business with his church?

Is a layperson accountable to God for false teaching in his church?

Leadership Documents

Below are various Bible studies that explain the qualifications, duties or responsibilities and ministry of leaders of a church. The leaders of a church are elders, deacons and deaconesses. One of the major studies in this section is "Church Leadership – Function and Qualifications of Elders." It was previously titled "Recovering The Pattern of Church Leadership."

Hebrews 5:11-14
Jeremiah 29:13-14

God’s Design For The Church

Marks of Spiritual Maturity

Various Passages

Leadership Messages - MP3 Audio

The following messages are designed for pastors, church leaders and congregations. The first set of messages cover biblical church leadership and then the message become personal. You will discover the qualifications that God wants us to use in selecting them, their responsibilities and how they are to function. We would encourage you to listen to the message "Moses – Call To Faithfulness" from the book of Numbers in the Bible Book Studies. May God grant you insight as you listen.

Overview of Church Leaders – Elders and Deacons

Verse(s): Philippians 1:1
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Elders – General and Personal Qualifications

Verse(s): 1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9
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Elders – Qualifications Related To Responsibilities

Verse(s): 1 Timothy 3:2, 4-5; Titus 1:9
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Elders – Team Qualifications

Verse(s): 1 Timothy 3:3; Titus 1:7-8
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Elders – The Spiritual Shepherds

Verse(s): Various Passages
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Seven Questions About Elders

Verse(s): Various Passages
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Deacons and Deaconesses – The Helpers

Verse(s): Acts 6:1-7; 1 Timothy 3:8-13
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Job Description of Church Leaders

Verse(s): Various Passages
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Loving God – The Ultimate Friendship

Verse(s): Matthew 22:34-38
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Ministry Is The Overflow of Loving God

Verse(s): John 21:9-22
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What Is Worship and Ritual?

Verse(s): John 4:23
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Four Priorities of The Church

Verse(s): Acts 2:42
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Do You Know What I Have Done?

Verse(s): John 13:5-15
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Third Call of Four Disciples

Verse(s): Luke 5:1-11
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Mary, Martha and Jesus

Verse(s): Luke 10:38 - 42
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Lesson From Jesus Walking On Water

Verse(s): Matthew 14:22-33; Mark 6:45-52; John 6:15-21
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The Syrophoenician Woman’s Great Faith

Verse(s): Matthew 15:21-38; Mark 7:24-30
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Why Are There Different Interpretations of The Bible, part 1

Verse(s): Various Passages
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Why Are There Different Interpretations of The Bible, part 2

Verse(s): Various Passages
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