Have you ever longed to walk, talk, and just be with Jesus? Would you like to see Him do miracles, hear Him teaching, and know His heart? Would you like to know what Jesus – not Paul or Peter – taught about sin, the Christian life, salvation, eternal life, and the future? Would you like to see pictures of the Holy Land and hear the testimony of ancient historians about Jesus? That is what this study in the life of Christ is all about. It is about Jesus! It is about His life and His heart!

If you are interested in a chronological flow the ministry of Jesus Christ, we encourage you to download the chart the Ministry of Jesus Christ.


To locate a Bible study:

1. First, locate your Bible passage in the chart below called “The Life of Jesus Christ In The Four Gospels” and then the time period in Christ’s life in the left column.

2. Next below the chart, find and click on the time period. Then you can find your Bible study in the list of studies.

Note, The gospel of Matthew is arranged topically and not chronologically. May God bless you as you study.

The Life of Jesus Christ In The Four Gospels