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Topical Study Series

Bible Teaches That Jesus Is God - Frontlarge

Bible Teaches Jesus Is God – This study series reveals that the Bible teaches Jesus is God. In the Old Testament you can discover prophesies that shout Jesus is God. In the New Testament you will learn that Jesus clearly stated He was and is God.

Speaking Out Series

Christians Are Not To Be Ashamed - frontlarge

Christians Should Not Be Ashamed – Recently an article was published that stated Christians should not feel shame for missing church since we live in an age of grace. The article misses the point that Christians should feel shame under certain circumstances.

Current Q&A

Timeline to the End of Time

Where are we on the biblical timeline? – This Q&A provides God’s timeline of events to the end of the world. Prophetic signs that help us know where we are on this timeline are given. The next major event is peace in the Middle East and the Rapture.