• Explaining the Bible verse-by-Verse and answering your Bible questions for spiritual growth
  • Explaining the Bible verse-by-Verse and answering your Bible questions for spiritual growth

Speaking Out Series

Woman and Skull

Empty of Empties – Ecclesiastes 1:2 may be a surprise. You will soon discover that you need to pause for awhile and ask yourself, “What is my life all about?” Additional studies like this one can be found at Speaking Out Series.

Current Questions

Can I Go To Heaven

Can I go to heaven if I still sin after believing in Christ? – If you are willfully committing various sins, then you should read this Q&A to discover if you are a Christian. Additional Q&A can be found at Current Questions and the Q&A Archives.

Seeking God

Seek God and Find New Life - frontlarge

Searching For God – God has promised that if you seek Him with all your heart, you can find Him. Then you will find out how to have new life – eternal life and live with Him for eternity.

Check Out These Bible Studies

Life of Christ Study

Narrow Door To Heaven -- Front Small

Are Only A Few Being Saved? – In this study Jesus will reveal if the claims of those who say everyone will go to heaven is correct. You can find more studies about Christ in the Life of Christ series.

Leadership Series

Church Leadership - Function & Qualifications of Elders - frontsmall

Church Leadership – Function and Qualifications of Elders – This study teaches what the Bible says about selecting church leaders and it describes their duties. You can find more studies at Leadership Studies.

Are You A Christian?

Looking For Evidence You Are A Christian?

Looking For Evidence You Are A Christian? – Are you worried that you are not a Christian? Explore the four major reasons why people worry they are not saved.

Topical Study Series

One of God's blessings

Tithing or Giving – Which Should I do? – This Bible study provides Scripture references that show tithing was required in the Old Testament era. Therefore, what should Christians do today?

Sermon On The Mount

Sermon On The Mount

Sermon On the Mount – The Sermon on the Mount may be the most quoted section of the Bible. It contains the Beatitudes, the Lord’s Prayer, the Golden Rule and other teachings of Christ.

One Year Bible Reading

One Year Bible Reading Program

Read The Bible In One Year  – You can read the Bible in the chronological order in which it was written. Daily readings are provided in both the Old and New Testaments.

Historical Quotes

Temple Of Trajan - frontsmall

Historical Quotes About Christ – Discover historical references about Christ written by emperors, secular historians, scientists and found in Jewish documents. You may be surprised.

Studies In James

Faith That Works - frontsmall

Bible Studies In James – The book of James teaches a Christian that we need to live by faith and how to do that. James is about “Faith That Works.” Discover the behavior of true faith.