Is Baptism Required For Salvation?
Almost on Road to Heaven

Almost On The Road To Heaven — Jesus said that some very religious people will not be in heaven. Are you sure that you are going to heaven?  Visit What Jesus Taught About Eternal Life.

Did Paul See and Hear Jesus?

Did Paul see or hear Jesus on the road to Damascus? — What do you think? Learn what Paul experienced that afternoon?  More Q&A are at Current Questions.

Searching for God

Searching For God — How To Go To Heaven – God has said if you seek Him, you can find Him. Learn how to have your sins forgiven and receive eternal life with God in heaven.

Receive the Kingdom of God Like a Child

Receive the Kingdom of God Like a Child — Why did Jesus say we must be like a child to go to heaven?  This study is from the Life of Christ.

How to Study the Bible

How to Study the Bible Series — Discover how to study the Bible in ten steps. Also visit our Doctrinal Studies.

Rapture to the Second Coming of Christ

Rapture to the Second Coming of Christ  –  2 Thessalonians explains God’s future plans for planet earth. Visit Bible Book Studies.

Are you a Christian?

Looking for Evidence You Are a Christian? –  Explore four reasons some people are concerned they might not be saved. logo
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