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Speaking Out

Cornucopia - Symbol of A Sacrifice of Thanksgiving

Sacrifice of Thankfulness – November is a month in which we are reminded that God is our provider. He  is Jehovah Jireh. Therefore, let’s thank our God for all His gifts to us!

Christmas Accounts

Christmas Celebration - frontlarge

Christmas Accounts – Here you will find Questions and Answers, Bible studies, and sermons about Christmas. Christmas is the day on which we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Current Questions

This Is My Beloved Son

What is the meaning that Jesus is the Son of God? – “Son of God” does not mean Jesus was created. Discover what it means. More Q&A can be found at Current Questions and the Q&A Archives.

Check Out These Bible Studies

Life of Christ Study

Healing Man Born Blind - frontsmall

Healing Of The Man Born Blind– This study is very important for Christians who think that every sickness and ailment is due to sin. When you get sick, do you wonder what sin caused your illness?

Topical Study Series

Bible Teaches Jesus Is god - frontsmall

Bible Teaches Jesus Is God – This study series reveals that the Bible teaches Jesus is God. You will discover Old and New Testament prophesies that shout Jesus is God.

Life of Christ Studies

Jesus On The Mount Olives - frontsmall

Life of Christ Series – This series presents Bible studies in the chronological order in which the events in Christ’s life occurred. You study Matthew, Mark, Luke and John together.

Sermon On The Mount

Sermon On The Mount

Sermon On the Mount – The Sermon on the Mount may be the most quoted section of the Bible. It contains the Beatitudes and the Golden Rule.

Leadership Studies

Church Leadership - Function & Qualifications of Elders - frontsmall

Church Leadership: Function & Qualifications of Elders – Discover how church leadership should function and how to recognize leaders qualified to serve.

Historical Quotes

Temple Of Trajan - frontsmall

Historical Quotes About Christ – Discover historical references about Christ written by emperors, secular historians, scientists and found in Jewish documents. You may be surprised.

Book Suggestions

Boork Recommendations - frontsmall

Books For Christmas? – Looking for some excellent books for your Christian library? Then check out this section where you will find books to help you in your study of the Bible.

Studies In Hebrews

Studies In Hebrews - frontsmall

Study the Book of Hebrews – Do you want to gain new insights into the greatness of Jesus and discover how to grow in your faith? A study in the book of Hebrews will satisfy that desire.

Historical Quotes About Jesus – Secular historians have written many things about Jesus Christ. Roman political figures have stated that Jesus existed and did miracles. Even a Jewish historian says He did marvelous things.

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Want To Know God?

Searching For God - frontimage

Searching for God? – Do you want a relationship with God? He is calling you to believe in Himself.

Am I a Christian?

Evidence of a Christian

Evidence You Are A Christian – Are you wondering if you are a Christian? Then check out the questionnaire in this section.

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