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Life of Christ Study

Father and the Prodigal Son

The Prodigal Son – Did you know the parable of the prodigal son is not primarily about the prodigal son?  Discover what the parable is actually about.  Find more studies about Christ in the Life of Christ series.

Recent Questions

Does God Allow A Stepsister To Marry A Stepbrother?

Can a stepsister and stepbrother marry according to Leviticus 18:11? – This is a common question because Leviticus 18:11 can be confusing.  Find more Q&A at Current Questions and Q&A Archives.

Seeking God

Seek God and Find New Life - frontlarge

Searching For God – God has promised that if you seek Him with all your heart, you can find Him. Then you will find out how to have new life – eternal life and live with Him for eternity.

Check Out These Bible Studies

Speaking Out Series

Pulpit at St Bavo Kerk - frontsmall

Rise of Women Pastors – Increasingly women are becoming pastors and elders in churches. Discover if this is biblical. Find more studies like this at Speaking Out Series.

Leadership Series

Role of Women in the Church

Role of Women In the Church -Explore key Bible passages about the role of women in the church. Learn what the early church fathers taught. Visit other topics in the Leadership Studies.

Bible Studies – O.T./N.T.

Bible Studies - frontsmall

Bible Studies From O.T. & N.T. – Explore Bible studies from Genesis to Revelation. You can listen online, read online, download a MP3, PowerPoint or a PDF.

Are You A Christian?

Looking For Evidence You Are A Christian?

Looking For Evidence You Are A Christian? – Are you worried that you are not a Christian? Explore the four major reasons why people worry they are not saved.

Topical Study Series

Bible Teaches Jesus Is god - frontsmall

Bible Teaches Jesus Is God – Contrary to the statements of many non-Christians, the Bible does teach Jesus has been and is God from eternity. Discover these extremely important prophecies.

Prophecies About Christ

Prophecies About Christ - frontsmall

Prophecies About Jesus Christ – Here are 30 prophecies about Jesus Christ’s ancestry, birth, ministry, death and resurrection. It is not possible these occurred by accident.

Historical Quotes

Temple Of Trajan - frontsmall

Historical Quotes About Christ – Discover historical references about Christ written by emperors, secular historians, scientists and found in Jewish documents. You may be surprised.

One Year Bible Reading

One Year Bible Reading Program

Read The Bible In One Year  – You can read the Bible in the chronological order in which it was written. Daily readings are provided in both the Old and New Testaments.

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