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Life of Christ

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Christ Is Savior and Judge – In this Bible study of Luke 12:49-59, Jesus says He came to cast fire on the earth. Discover why He said this and why this reveals Christ is Savior and Judge.

Searching For God

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Searching For God – God has promised that if you seriously seek Him, you will find Him. But you must seek with all your heart. Discover how to live with Him forever.

Current Questions

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Does the Bible teach love the sinner but hate the sin? – Discover if this statement is a verse in the Bible. Is the principle biblical? Also, visit the Current Questions section.

Check Out These Bible Studies

Bible Book Studies

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Study in Daniel – In these Bible studies in the book of Daniel you will discover God’s plan for the future and learn from Daniel and his three friends how to live by faith.

Topical Study Series

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Bible Teaches Jesus Is God – This study series reveals that the Bible teaches Jesus is God. You will discover Old and New Testament prophesies that shout Jesus is God.

Life of Christ

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Life of Christ – This series presents Bible studies in the chronological order in which the events in Christ’s life occurred. You study Matthew, Mark, Luke and John together.

Sermon On The Mount

Sermon On The Mount

Sermon On the Mount– The Sermon on the Mount may be the most quoted section of the Bible. It contains the Beatitudes and the Golden Rule.

Leadership Studies

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Church Leadership: Function & Qualifications of Elders – Discover how church leadership should function and how to recognize leaders qualified to serve.

Historical Quotes

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Testimony of Flavius Josephus – Flavius Josephus, a Jewish historian, writing for the Roman government reported wonderful things about Christ. See the documentary evidence.

Book Suggestions

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Book Suggestions – Looking for some excellent books for your Christian library? Then check out this section where you will find books to help you in your study of the Bible.

Topical Bible Study

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Jerusalem: The Focus of the World – This Bible study reveals that God loves Jerusalem and will be His holy city. Someday it will be the capital of Christ’s kingdom on earth.

Historical Quotes About Jesus – Secular historians have written many things about Jesus Christ. Roman political figures have stated that Jesus existed and did miracles. Even a Jewish historian says He did marvelous things.

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Want To Know God?

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Searching for God? – Do you want a relationship with God? He is calling you to believe in Himself.

Am I a Christian?

Evidence of a Christian

Evidence You Are A Christian – Are you wondering if you are a Christian? Then check out the questionnaire in this section.