Avoiding Deception in the Last Days — Do not miss this very important teaching since evil is exploding around the world.  Visit the studies in the Speaking Out Series.

Should Christians flee persecution or stay and suffer for Christ? — This is a question that Christians around the world face frequently.  Visit the Current Questions.

Searching For God — How To Go To Heaven – God has said if you seek Him, you can find Him. Learn how to have your sins forgiven and receive eternal life with God in heaven.

Death and Resurrection of Jesus Prophesied

Death and Resurrection of Jesus Prophesied — Discover ancient prophecies about Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection. Visit the Life of Christ.

Book of Jude

Jude — Warnings About False Teachers  – Discover how to respond to false teachers and safeguard the truth. Visit Bible Book Studies.

How to Study the Bible

How to Study the Bible Series — Learn the steps that need to be followed in the study of God’s Word. Explore the offerings at Doctrinal Studies.

Are you a Christian?

Looking for Evidence You Are a Christian? –  Explore four reasons some people worry they may not be saved and what is true of those who are saved.
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