Jesus Is The Light of LifeDoctrine should be exciting for Christians since it helps us to discover truths that are not always obvious by casual reading of the Bible. When done correctly, doctrine should be the result of an incredible amount of time and labor comparing verses and passages across the Bible from the first book which is Genesis to the last book which is Revelation. The priority goal is to discover who is God - then everything else. In this series we explore select doctrines. Our purpose is not to be comprehensive but to focus on key doctrines that are sometimes ignored.

The Rhema of God

August 12, 2015

Seeking God

Can We Trust the Bible, part 1?

Can We Trust the Bible, part 2?

Is The Bible Complete and Inerrant?

Early Church Testimony About Christ

How To Seek the Lord, part 1

How To Seek the Lord, part 2

The Trinity – The Plural One

June 29, 2014

The Trinity Mystery, part 1

The Trinity Mystery, part 2

Amazing Attributes of God, part 1

Amazing Attributes of God, part 2

God the Father – The One We Hardly Know

Works and Role of the God the Father

Two Natures of Jesus Christ

Names of Jesus, part 1

Names of Jesus, part 2

Jesus our Great High Priest

Mystery of Faith

Baptism – Symbol of Spiritual Life

Saved Only Once or Always?

Heaven, Paradise, Sheol, Hell, Abaddon and Hades

Schemes of Satan

Which Is Biblical – Tithing or Giving?

Lies and Truth About Getting Blessed