Bema Seat - Judgment of Christians -

Did you know that the works of every Christian will be judged after they die according to 2 Corinthians 2:10? But do you know what will happen to you? What kind of judgment you will experience? This three part study will reveal why Christians will be judged. What will happen and how you will be judged. We encourage you to view the PDF while you listen to the audio.

Christmas Accounts -

The Christmas story is actually the historical account of the birth of Jesus Christ who is God was born in human flesh for the purpose of dying for the sins of every man and woman. What occurred had been prophesied in many Old Testament books and recorded in many individual prophecies. His birth was had been expected and the world was expecting His birth.

How To Prosper Financially -

The Bible says much about wealth. Some claim that God wants every Christian to be wealthy, happy, and prosperous. They say that when faith is missing, we suffer. While that is true in a spiritual sense, it is not true for material things. Yet, God reveals that we do suffer financially when certain conditions are not meant. We encourage you to listen to these four studies.

Marriage In Splendor - God's View -

God's view of marriage is radically different from that of our culture. Our culture promotes conflict in marriage. It is called individualism and looking out for self. Our culture says a positive self-image is important for individuals to be happy. But God has a different view. Since He made us, He knows how we should function in order to be happiest. You are invited to listen and discover how to have a splendid marriage.

Pursuing Holiness - Forgiving & Offending -

There are some who will not forgive those who have offended them until the offender apologizes for their offense. They quote various New Testament passages to defend their lack of forgiveness. This series explores the New Testament's teaching about when we should forgive and what actions we should take when someone is in sin. We trust that God will give you wisdom as you study.

Resurrection Accounts -

Is Easter about bunnies, pastel-colored chicken eggs, baskets, and chocolate candy? The city council of St. Paul, Minnesota thought so on April 2004. They had the Easter bunny decorations removed from the lobby of the city council because they said it was about Christianity. Were they correct?

Solving Church Conflicts -

Are there conflicts in your church and you are looking for biblical guidance on how to solve them? The first place to start is by discovering if your church is functioning according to the pattern that God has given in His Word. If your church is violating God's pattern for the church, then you should not be surprised that conflicts exist. We hope that this study series is helpful.