Christmas Story

The Christmas story is actually the historical account of the birth of Jesus Christ who is God. He was born in human flesh for the purpose of dying for the sins of every man and woman. What occurred had been prophesied in numerous Old Testament books and recorded in many individual prophecies. When He was born, the expectations of many were fulfilled. The full Christmas story is presented in two special feature articles "The Christmas Gift" and "Messiah - Prince of Peace." The sections below feature various Christmas Bible studies and Christmas audio messages.

Christmas - Q&A

The following questions and answers will provide helpful insights into the birth of Jesus Christ.

What is the real meaning of Christmas?

What does the name Yeshua mean?

Why was Jesus Christ born into the world?

Can we determine the date of Christ’s birth from the visit of the magi?

What does Immanuel mean?

Is Isaiah 7:14-16 talking about Jesus Christ?

Was Jesus born on December 25? — Testimony of Historians

Was Jesus born in September or on December 25? — Using John the Baptist’s birth

Was Jesus born in September? — Based on the arrival of the Magi

How old was Jesus when the wise men found Him?

Who was Mary, the mother of Jesus?

Is it right to display a nativity scene?

Are swaddling clothes a sign in Ezekiel 16:4?

Should Christians celebrate Christmas and Easter?

When were Mary and Joseph married?

What do we know about the life of Joseph?

What do we know about Joseph, the supposed father of Jesus Christ?

Where was Jesus when the wise men found Him and gave Him gifts?

What did gold, frankincense, and myrrh have to do with gifts to Christ?

Is there secular evidence Herod killed babies under the age of two?

When was Publius Quirinius governor of Syria? – Census in Luke 2:2

What was the purpose of the children dying at the time of Christ’s birth?

Why do some people write Xmas instead of Christmas?

Why are the genealogical records for Jesus different in Matthew and Luke?

Christmas Messages - Bible Studies

The following studies about the birth of Jesus are taken from the series called the Life of Christ.

Father's Birthday Party for Jesus

Honor the Father At Christmas

The One and Only

Gabriel Visits Zacharias

Gabriel Visits Mary

Mary’s Magnificat

Forerunner John The Baptist Has Arrived

Joseph’s Genealogy

Mary’s Genealogy

Joseph’s Dream

Jesus Is Born In Bethlehem

Jesus’ Dedication In The Temple

Arrival of the Magi To Visit Christ

Path To Nazareth

Jesus' Youth

Christmas Messages - MP3 Audio

The following MP3 audio studies are about the birth of our God in human flesh.

Luke 2:1-20
Matthew 1:18-25
Isaiah 9:6
1 John 4:9-10
Luke 2:1-14
Micah 5:2-5
John 7:25-48
Luke 1:26 - 38
Various Passages
Luke 1:26 - 38
Various Passages
Luke 1:5-25a
Matthew 2:1-12
Luke 1:26-38
Isaiah 9:6-7
Luke 2:21-38
Luke 2:1-11, 16
Matthew 1:23
Luke 1:35
Luke 2:1-20
Matthew 2:1-12
Luke 2:1-20; Matthew 2:1-8