The Topical Bible Study section has two parts. This section is contains"Single Studies."  The second section contains "Study Series." It includes unique Bible studies about  broad or controversial subjects in theology. Some of the topics include "Angels – Good and Evil" and "Heaven, Paradise, Sheol, Hell, Hades and Lake of Fire." If you have a topic you are looking for, please submit it and we will be glad to respond as quickly as possible.

Angels - Good and Evil
Angels – Good and Evil
Angels are not feminine and pink in color. In this study you will discover the different types of angels described in the Bible. Some angels are free to roam and others are bound in prison.
Is Baptism Required For Salvation?
What is the meaning of the Greek word that is translated as baptism? Is baptism required for salvation? Some people today claim that one must be baptized in order to go to heaven. This study examines most of the New Testament passages about this topic.
Bible On Same Sex Relationships
The Bible on Same Sex Relations
Various Passages
Discover what the Bible teaches about same-sex relationships, homosexuality and lesbianism. This is important since churches are reinterpreting the Bible in order to conform to our culture.
The Da Vinci Code
Da Vinci Code — Attack On Christianity
The Da Vinci Code is a masterpiece of mistakes and poor research in its historical backgrounds. This study explains why the DaVinci Code is deceptive.
Filled With The Spirit
How To Be Filled With The Spirit
Ephesians 5:17-18; Galatians 5:16-23; Colossians 3:16-22
Did you know that it is God's will that we be filled with the Spirit? Checkout Ephesians 5:17. God wants us to invite the Holy Spirit to take control of us? This will result in a richer and deeper walk with God and increasing victory over sin. This is an extremely important study for every Christian.
Mother Feeds Her Young
Financial Assistance – Should We Help The Poor?
Various Passages
This study explores what the Bible teaches about helping others who are in financial need. It examines the Old and New Testaments in order to determine God's principles.
Heaven, Paradise, Sheol, Hell, Hades and Lake of Fire
Various Passages
What is the difference between Hades, hell and the Lake of Fire? Are heaven and paradise the same place? This study looks at both the Old and New Testament teaching about these places.
Human Cloning
Human Cloning
Human cloning and stem cell research are issues that every Christian needs to understand. The victims are aborted babies and "fertilized extras." This is a special study prepared by two Christian scientists. The study presents a biblical view regarding human cloning.
How Accurate Is the Bible?
Various Pssages
The Bible is 3,500 years old. It has been copied down through the years by rabbis, priests and laymen. This study investigates the accuracy of the Bible and which translations most accurately reflect the original languages of the Bible.
Is The King James Bible The Best Bible?
Is The King James Bible The Best Bible?
Various Passages
This in-depth study reviews the historical development of the 1611 King James Bible and answers the question, "Is the 1611 King James Bible the best Bible?" This study also shows that the King James Version Bibles available for sale today are copies of the 1769 KJV and not the 1611 KJV.
Modesty For Women
Biblical Modesty for Women
Various Passages
Explore what the Bible has to say regarding how women dress. Did you know that God cares about what you wear? From God’s perspective, what should a woman’s concerns be with her wardrobe? Have you stopped to realize that in God’s plans what you wear matters to the other people?
Predestination And Freewill
Predestination and Human Responsibility
Various Pssages
The subject of God predestining people to salvation and man’s role in salvation usually generates strong reactions. Sometimes this subject is simply known as predestination and man’s free will. Other times it is called predestination and man’s responsibility. But regardless of one’s preferred wording, the issue is, “Who chooses? Does God choose us to be saved or do we?
Prophecy Of The Future
God’s Plan For The Future — What does the Bible say about the future?
Various Passages
God has already determined the future of the universe. The next major event in our future is the removal of every Christian from the earth. What follows is a literal hell on earth. Do you what God has predicted will happen?
Saved Only Once
Saved Only Once — Once Saved Always Saved
Various Passages
Some say we must strive to keep our salvation. Charles H. Spurgeon said, “According to some, eternal life is given to you, but then it may not be eternal; you may fall from it, it may last only for a time . . .” What does the Bible mean when it says we must persevere to the end?
Seeking God's Will - icon
Seeking God’s Will
Various Passages
Have you ever wondered what the will of God is for you in a particular situation? The Old Testament gives us guidelines for knowing the will of God in general. The New Testament gives us five statements that read, "The will of God is . . . "This short study is designed to help know His will for your life!
Spirit's Ministry
The Spirit’s Ministry – Tongues and Prophecy
Various Passages
The Bible teaches that every Christian is given at least one spiritual gift for the edification of other Christians. We are encouraged to use them. When we do we will grow spiritually and other believers will also. Are you curious about spiritual gifts? Do you want to discover your spiritual gift? Do you want to understand each spiritual gift?
Tithing or Giving
Tithing or Giving? – Which Should You Do?
Various Passages
We have seen that tithing was biblical for the Israelites. There were religious tithes and a government tithe for a total of thirty-three percent on the average each year. God wanted twenty-three percent and not ten. The government tithe was ten percent. If you believe in tithing, you should be giving at least twenty-three percent.
When Should A Spouse Flee?
When Should A Spouse Flee?
Various Passages
This study explores what the Bible says about when a couple should separate for the safety of one of the spouses. Old and New Testament scriptures are investigated to understand what is a biblical response toward physical and verbal abuse and the protection of women.