Bible Question:

What is the difference between church members voting for a pastor and casting lots?

Bible Answer:

We have assumed from your question that you are struggling with the uncertainty of the outcome of voting for a new pastor for your local church, since you compare it to casting lots. The casting of lots is similar to throwing a pair of dice in a game. When two lots or two die (dice) are cast, no one can predict the result. One die might have four dots and the other die might have three. It is also possible that you could have another combination of dots. No one can predict. If that is your point, there is a certain amount of truth to your question. How then should a pastor be chosen?

In response to your question, we developed a new study and have posted it at this website. The study is called, “Thoughts On Selecting A Pastor.” We hope that it answers your question.


The selection of a pastor should not be like throwing dice because God has given us some basic principles to follow. We would encourage you to read “Church Leadership – Function and Qualifications of Elders.”