Bible Question:

What are the names of God? In some places He is called the GREAT I AM and in others THE MOST HIGH. Could you list them?

Bible Answer:

Wow, I have only one name and God has many. Now that is extraordinarily special. Most of His names describe something about Him – some characteristic. The name “I AM” says that He eternally exists and He is self-sustaining. God is an aseity (John 5:26). The name Most High implies there is no other God. There is no one else who is higher than He. The names of God are both comforting and awesome.

What Are The Names of God?


Here is a list of some of His other names.

Name of GodMeaningPassage
AdonaiJehovah, Our RulerGen. 15:2
ELStrong OneNum. 23:22
El ElyonGod Most HighGen. 14:18
El Elohe IsraelGod of IsraelGen. 33:20
El OlamGod of EternityGen. 20:13
El Shaddai The Almighty, All-SufficientGen. 17:1
ElohimGodGen. 1:1
Jehovah ElohimJehovah is GodZech. 13:9
Jehovah HoseenuLord Our CreatorPs. 95:6
Jehovah JirehLord Our Provider Gen. 22:14
Jehovah RophThe PhysicianPs. 147:3
Jehovah M’KaddeshThe Lord SanctifiesExodus 20;8, 11
Jehovah EloheenuLord Our GodPs. 99:5
Jehovah RohiLord My ShepherdPs. 80:1
Jehovah SabaothLord of Hosts1 Sam. 1:3
Jehovah ShalomLord Our PeaceJudges 6:24
Jehovah ShammahLord Is ThereEzek. 48:35
Jehovah Tsidkenu Lord Is RighteousPs 23:3

For a complete listing of all the names of God you may want to look at “All the Divine Names and Titles of God in the Bible.” by Herberrt Lockyer (Zondervan Publishing House. Grand Rapids, MI. 1975).


Biblical names always had meanings just like most names today. In our Bibles the meaning of God’s name is often given instead of the formal title. So if we look them up in these passages, we will either find the formal name or the meaning of the name given. These names of God tell us what He is like. He is our provider, creator, peace, physician, and shepherd. He is almighty, God, ruler, and eternal one. He is holy!

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