Bible Question:

How old was Joshua when he entered the promised land?

Bible Answer:

It is difficult to determine how old Joshua was at the time he entered the Promised Land. Scripture does not provide an absolute statement, but there are some clues that allow us to date the chapters of Joshua.

Absolute Statements. Joshua 24:29 tells us that Joshua died when he was 110 years of age.

It came about after these things that Joshua the son of Nun, the servant of the LORD, died, being one hundred and ten years old. (NASB) Joshua 24:29

We know from Numbers 32:11 that God did not permit any Israelite who was twenty years of age and older at the time that Joshua and Caleb returned from the spying out the Promised Land to enter the Promised Land. However, Joshua and Caleb were not included because they had believed God and as a result gave a good report to the nation of Israel. We do not know how old they were at this time. Scripture does not provide us with any important clues about Joshua’s age, except that Numbers 11:28 says he served Moses from his youth.

Then Joshua the son of Nun, the attendant of Moses from his youth, said, “Moses, my lord, restrain them.”(NASB) Numbers 11:28

Consequently, it is not clear from scripture how old Joshua was at the time he entered the Promised Land.

Reese Chronological Bible. However, the Reese Chronological Bible complied by Frank R. Klassen (Bethany House Publishers, 1977) indicates that the Israelites entered the Promised Land in 1422 B.C. (Joshua 1) and that Joshua died in 1372 B.C (Joshua 24:29). If this is true, this means that Joshua was in the Promised Land for 50 years. Since Joshua 24:29 says he died at the age of 110 years, this would imply that Joshua was 60 years old when he entered the land. Also, he would have been 20 years of age at the time he gave the good report to the nation of Israel. This agrees with Numbers 11:28.


Joshua lived about twenty years in Egypt, forty years in the wilderness and fifty years in the promised land. He went from slavery in Egypt to freedom in the desert and then to the promised land. In a way, that is the journey of a Christian. We are born and live in sin until we put our faith in Jesus. We live in newness of life as Christians in this world, a place that is not our home. Eventually we die to live in our promised land – heaven where Jesus is waiting for us.