Bible Question:

I heard someone talk about entering through the gates or pathway by seven different ways. I know one of the ways is through the eyes. Could you please help me out?

Bible Answer:

Most likely they were not referring to the seven Old Testament statements about a righteous man,

Path/ Way of the RighteousPassage
Avoids sexual sinProv. 2:10-20
Path of the righteous shines brighter and brighterProv. 4:18
Guide to his neighborProv. 12:26
Is life, and . . . there is no deathProv. 12:28
Is exalted and made straightProv. 12:28
His/her gray head is a crown of gloryProv. 16:31
Is uprightness Isa. 26:7

The New Testament does refer to three paths the world uses to motivate us  to sin (1 John 2:15-16). One of these ways is the lust of the eyes. The second is the pride of life and the other is the lust of the flesh. These are the world’s vehicles for tempting us to sin.

Signs of True Faith in Christ

Most likely they were referring to the seven characteristics of saving faith.  There are seven characteristics of someone who is a real Christian. First, they believe that Jesus Christ is God. Also, they believe that Christ is their Lord who died for their sins and returned to life. That is the message of 1 Corinthians 15:1-8. Fifth, they believe they are sinners and they are genuinely repentant of their sins. Finally, they tell others about Christ. Those are the seven essential ingredients of true faith. Are these seven characteristics true of you?

You Have Eternal Life If You



In Matthew 7:13-14 Jesus warns us that there is a narrow gate or narrow path that lets to destruction. The way to avoid it is by only one way – trust in Jesus Christ.  Visit “Searching for God” to discover the one way that leads to heaven. Also read “I want to seek God; how do I seek God?“Another important Q&A is  “Is salvation by grace through faith alone?


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