Bible Question:

When we think about angels, should we relate them to gender? Are there male and female angels? When the two angels visited Lot (Genesis 19), can we be sure they were in human form and if they were of male gender?

Bible Answer:

Scripture never tells us if there are female angels, or if angels have gender. The only hint that we have is that every angel is called by a male name. But this does not mean that the angels were males. In God’s master design, the male gender has the leadership in the home, society, and the church. It is most likely that angels have male names to indicate that they have authority as God’s representatives.

Not Given In Marriage

Some individuals quote the following passage and conclude that angels cannot marry and are sexless.

For in the resurrection they neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are like angels in heaven. (NASB) Matthew 22:30

But the verse only says that angels do not marry in heaven. Ultimately, God never tells us that angels can or cannot currently marry.

Sons of God

Some believe that another passage indicates that angels have gender. It is Genesis 6:1-2. Genesis 6:1-2 tells us that the “sons of God” had sex with some human women.

Now it came about, when men began to multiply on the face of the land, and daughters were born to them, that the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful; and they took wives for themselves, whomever they chose. (NASB) Genesis 6:1-2

The phrase “sons of God” appears to refer to angels (Job 1:6; 2:1). We also see a reference in Jude to this event in Genesis but there is no clue that the angels had gender.

And angels who did not keep their own domain, but abandoned their proper abode, He has kept in eternal bonds under darkness for the judgment of the great day, just as Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities around them, since they in the same way as these indulged in gross immorality and went after strange flesh, are exhibited as an example in undergoing the punishment of eternal fire. (NASB) Jude 1:6-7

The phrase “indulged in gross immorality” does not say that they had gender. We do not know how they possessed the women. We would only be guessing. The passage does not say that they the “knew” the women. That is the typical expression in scripture for a man and woman having sex.

For if God did not spare angels when they sinned, but cast them into hell and committed them to pits of darkness, reserved for judgment; and did not spare the ancient world, but preserved Noah, a preacher of righteousness . . . (NASB) 2 Peter 2:4-5

These angels sinned and they were cast into an abyss as their punishment.


The Bible never tells us that angels have male or female genitals. Yet, in some way angels were able to make human women pregnant. How can this happen? The Bible never says. This topic has been debated by many. It is not an unimportant one. The admonition in 2 Timothy is an important one to remember.

But refuse foolish and ignorant speculations, knowing that they produce quarrels. (NASB) 2 Timothy 2:23

God’s angels are His ministers who do His bidding. Those who do not are punished. The angels did not value their special relationship with Him. God desires our love. God wants us to desire a friendship with Him – to be His close friends.