Solid Roots is provided from a heart felt love for Jesus Christ and His saints. Our desire is to help each person who believes Jesus Christ is our God, Savior and Lord grow in a deeper knowledge of and love for Him.  1 John 2:12-14 pictures the Christian life as starting as a spiritual baby in the faith. The measure of maturity for believers is our growth from little children into young men and then eventually into fathers of the faith. The spiritual young man is one who is sinning less and less and knows much about God’s Word. He really knows the Bible. This knowledge is required to become a spiritual father. However, intellectual knowledge about the Bible is not the goal in the Christian life. The spiritual father increasingly knows the character of God – more than the elementary stuff. So it is our desire to help you grow in maturity through this study series into a personal knowledge of God. Ephesians 4:12 gives us another important reason for this study. As you grow you are increasingly prepared “for the work of service.”

This series of studies is free to anyone who desires to use it. This series covers essential Christian truths. Each study starts with a brief description and includes a key memory verse. Each study includes questions which will help you think through important truths. The goal of these studies is self discovery. We trust that you will be able to “pull together these biblical truths” for a better understanding of His Word but most of all to know Him!

Each study offers a quiz which should be taken before starting each study and an MP3 audio sermon to prepare you for the study. Whether you use the lessons for a Bible study, Sunday school class, or for personal study, you will benefit greatly by looking up the verses and answering the questions. The questions seek to clarify important biblical truths. Answer keys have also been provided for the quizzes and the studies to allow you to check your answers. We welcome and encourage your questions and comments. The topics covered in these studies are as follows:


Lesson 1   –  What Is the Bible?

      – Overview of the Bible

Lesson 2   – How to Study the Bible

Lesson 3   – Who Is God?

Lesson 4   – Jesus Our Savior

Lesson 5   – The Holy Spirit

Lesson 6   – Creation and Fall of Man

Lesson 7   – Sin and Salvation

Lesson 8   – Our Position & Practice

Lesson 9   – Empowered By the Spirit

Lesson 10 – God’s Great Passion


May God the Holy Spirit give you understanding and insight into the truths presented in these lessons.