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When is kissing good or bad according to the Bible? What does the Bible say about kissing a woman or a man?

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Kissing is always a sign of love between individuals in the Bible.  There are various types of kisses. But should we avoid some types of kisses? When is kissing good or bad according to the Bible? What does the Bible say about kissing a woman or a man?

When Is Kissing Good or Bad?

First, the Bible never says kissing is bad. The Bible indicates kissing is okay in many different situations. Here are are a few examples including one example where it is wrong:

Genesis 27:26-27 –Isaac kissed his father Jacob.
Genesis 29:11 – Jacob kissed his cousin Rachel.
Genesis 31:55 – Laban kissed his sons and daughters.
Genesis 45:15 – Joseph kissed all of his brothers.
Exodus 18:7 – Moses kissed his father-in-law.
Ruth 1:14 – Oprah kissed her mother-in-law.
1 Samuel 10:1 – The prophet Samuel kissed Saul.
Proverbs 7:13 – A prostitute kissed a man.
Song of Solomon 1:2 – A bride desires her fiancé would kiss her. (They do not).
Song of Solomon 8:1 – A wife desires to kiss her husband.
Matthew 26:49 – Judas kissed Jesus.
Romans 16:16 – holy kiss
1 Corinthians 16:20– holy kiss
2 Corinthians 13:12– holy kiss
1 Thessalonians 5:26– holy kiss
1 Peter 5:14– holy kiss

These examples reveal the Bible records kisses between relatives, children and parents, brothers, spouses, acquaintances, enemies, and between believers. Most people agree that kisses on the cheek or a very fast kiss on the lips between family members and relatives is  acceptable because it is not sexual. The same is true between men in the Middle East. In the Song of Solomon, the bride wants her fiancé to kiss her, but they do not kiss until the wedding night when they have sex (chapter 4). In the New Testament, the apostles command all of the Christians to use a holy kiss. The vast majority of the kisses in the Bible are non-sexual. It is important to notice that the “holy kiss” is a kiss that does not cause sexual stimulation. So, the Bible commands that kisses between those not married to one another be non-sexual.They must be holy kisses. Kissing is also good when it occurs between husbands and wives. Scripture never condemns this type of kissing.

Second, kissing can be wrong when it violates 2 Timothy 2:22. The verse says,

Now flee from youthful lusts and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace, with those who call on the Lord from a pure heart.  2 Timothy 2:22 (NASB)

Most adults understand “youthful lusts.” The actual Greek word for “youthful,” neoterikos, means “adolescent.” That is, we are to flee those lusts we clearly experienced when we were adolescents. However, this warning does not include men and women who are married to each other.


This means that individuals are to flee any activity with another person that results in sexual stimulation. The only exception is when the two individuals are married to each other. Then sexual lusts or desires are righteous behavior. So, kissing can lead to sin if it causes a person to be sexually stimulated before marriage. If you can kiss someone and not violate 2 Timothy 2:22 by becoming sexually stimulated, then kissing would be okay. Visit, “Is kissing before marriage a sin? What does the Bible say?”

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