Bible Question:

Was the event of Jesus being nailed on a cross fulfilling ancient prophecy? In other words, could the Roman have killed Jesus in another way or did it have to be done on a tree (cross) to fulfilled ancient prophecy?

Bible Answer:

The scriptures do not specifically state in so many words that Jesus had to be nailed to a cross or tree. But fulfillment of the following prophecy (Ps. 22:16-17) strongly suggests that the cross was required, since it was the only method that the Romans used to put people to death that would have resulted in its fulfillment. Most of this Psalm is a description of the events of Jesus’ death on the cross. Verse 18 is fulfilled prophecy in Matthew 27:35 and Mark 15:24 when the soldiers gambled for His clothes.

They pierced my hands and feet; I can count all my bones (NKJV). Ps. 22:16-17

Jesus died a cruel death for you and me!


Yes, Jesus fulfilled ancient prophecy when He died on the cross. You might be interested in a series of prophecies about Jesus Christ. We would encourage you to visit the “Prophecies of Jesus.” Here you can read more of how Psalm 22 is fulfilled prophecy about His death.

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