Bible Question:

I'm interested in your thoughts on Christians celebrating Passover. Is this something we should have been doing all along or not?

Bible Answer:

The first celebration of Passover was God’s idea (Ex. 12:1-13). The Passover occurred on the night that God brought the last plague upon the Egyptians. The last plague took the lives of the first born child of every family. The name “Passover” refers to the fact that God’s angel would pass over the land and not kill the first born child if there was the blood of a lamb on the doorpost and on the lintel of the house. Thus the child’s life was saved.

Then Moses called for all the elders of Israel and said to them, “Go and take for yourselves lambs according to your families, and slay the Passover lamb.  (NASB) Ex. 12:21

Regular Observance

The Passover was not a one time event. God wanted it to become a regular event and so He called for a regular observance. That is the message of the following verse.

In the first month, on the fourteenth day of the month at twilight is the LORD’S Passover. (NASB) Lev. 23:5

The Passover meal is observed by most Jewish families, most Jewish Christians, and many Christians. The Passover meaning is very symbolic. I recommend a book titled, “The Feasts of the Lord” by Kevin Howard and Marvin Rosenthal. It is published by Thomas Nelson, Inc. The book provides a lengthy discussion of the meaning behind the entire meal. It is all about Jesus and our salvation. There are symbols in the meal that are best understood from a Christian perspective. The most significant point is that the Lamb eaten in the meal represents Jesus Christ.

Should We Observe?

Yes, Christians should observe it at least once. It would be wrong to say that non-Jews should observe it every year. God gave this observance to the Jewish people. They came out of Egypt. Non-Jews did not. I have observed the meal a number of times. It is rich with meaning about Jesus. It could be one of the most meaningful things a Christian could do.


We will conclude with this statement from the book titled, “The Feasts of the Lord,”

. . . Jesus is the Passover Lamb. Scripture records it. History echoes it. Yet one final Passover question remains, and it is the most important one of all: “Is He your Passover Lamb – have you placed your trust in the Messiah [Jesus] and His sacrifice as your only hope of Heaven?” Even as the ancient Israelite was required to individually apply the blood to his door, so, too, today men and women must individually make a decision concerning the Lamb of God. There is still no deliverance without the Lamb.

Kevin Howard and Marvin Rosenthal.”The Feasts of the Lord” Thomas Nelson, Inc., p. 62

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