Bible Question:

What day of the Jewish calendar does Passover begin? When does it end (with the day of atonement)? When was Jesus crucified (1st day or last day)?

Bible Answer:

Exodus 12:1-6 records God’s command to establish the first passover. The first Passover occurred on Abib 14, the first month of the Jewish year. The month of Abib is now the month Nisan in the current Jewish calendar. That means Passover occurs on Nisan 14. The universally accepted calendar in use today is called the Gregorian calendar. In this reference frame, Nisan 14 occurs sometime in the month of March or April during a full moon.

Passover Feast

Passover begins at sundown or nightfall. Therefore, Passover starts with a feast or the Seder at 6:00 pm on Nisan 14 and then continues for seven days until 6:00 pm on Nisan 21. The first full day of Passover occurs during the full moon on Nisan 14.

Jesus’ Birth and Death

Jesus died on Nisan 14, A.D. 33. For a full discussion of the day on which Jesus died, please visit “Prophecy of Daniels’ 70 Weeks.” The same study also discusses the date of Jesus’ birth. The following chart provides an overview of the last week of Jesus’ life. It is important to notice that the Jewish day begins at sundown and continues through the day and into the late afternoon of our following day. Jesus died on the first day of the Passover season.

Last Week of Jesus Life

Yom Kippur Celebration

The Day of Atonement occurs during Yom Kippur. The word “Yom” refers to “day” and “Kippur: means “to cover.” Therefore the day of atonement is simply “the day of covering.” It is the day that Jesus covered our sins. God commanded the establishment of Yom Kippur in Leviticus 17:11. Yom Kippur occurs in either September or October, or about six months after Passover.


These two feasts are wonderful reminders of what Jesus did for us. Praise the Lord.

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