Bible Question:

There is a lady on Debra Dunkun who talks to angels. They have talked with her and vice versa. If you are allowed to talk directly to angels, are there certain things one should not ask or talk about? Can you seek guidance from God and angels? I know that God listens but do angels too? Can I know my guardian angel? Is this wrong?

Bible Answer:

The answers to your questions can be provided in three responses: 1) Can we talk with angels? 2) What should I say? and 3) “I want to speak with one.” We will answer your question about speaking with angels in the conclusion.

Talking With Angels

Yes, we can talk with angels. Many people have talked to angels including Abraham (Gen. 18:1-19:1), Lot (Gen. 19:1), Balaam (Num. 22:), Elijah (2 Kings 1:15), Daniel (Dan. 9:21-23), Zacharias (Luke 1:12-13, and even Jesus’ mother (Luke 1:26-34). God’s angels minister to Christians (Heb. 1:14).

When the prophet Daniel spoke with Gabriel, the archangel, it was the angel who started the conversation.

And I heard the voice of a man between the banks of Ulai, and he called out and said, “Gabriel, give this man an understanding of the vision.” So he came near to where I was standing, and when he came I was frightened and fell on my face; but he said to me, “Son of man, understand that the vision pertains to the time of the end.” (NASB) Daniel 8:16-17

On another occasion Daniel saw another angel who looked like a man.

Then this one with human appearance touched me again and strengthened me. And he said, “O man of high esteem, do not be afraid.” (NASB) Daniel 10:18-19

Both times Daniel was afraid. The angels who appeared to Abraham appeared as men (Gen. 18:1-2; 19:1). Hebrews 13:2 says that some people have spoken with angels and did not know it. This means that you might have already spoken with an angel. Why would God do that? Why would God allow us to meet an angel and not let us know it? The answer is that meeting an angel is not that important. Otherwise God would make sure that we knew.

What Should I Say?

The answer to your question is, “Speak openly and honestly.” For example, since we can meet an angel and not know the person is an angel, do we know when to be careful with our words? When Abraham met three angels, he had a normal conversation. When the priest Zacharias spoke with an angel, he sinned with his words and as a result he was punished (Luke 1:11-20). What should we say? Speak the truth at all times! You never know to whom you are speaking.

I Want to Speak With One

There is a tremendous interest these days in angels. A person can purchase figures of angels, books about angels, and many other items related to angels. Many of the things that are sold are simply businesses taking your money. But there is a more serious side. The occult and the New Age are also interested in angels. But these angels are not God’s holy angels but demons who pretend to be good ones.

So is it wrong to want to speak with an angel? Scripture never says that it is wrong to speak with one, but that does not mean we should want to do so. There are dangers in seeking supernatural experiences, because one could be speaking with a demon or Satan since he can appear as an angel too!

. . . for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. (NASB) 2 Cor. 11:14

He is a master of disguises. May I suggest that if the Lord Jesus wants you to speak with one, He will cause it to happen. It is wrong to worship angels, and many people today are worshipping them in their desire to meet one (Col. 2:18). Worship is not simply bowing down to one. Worship can include preoccupation with angels.


There is also a danger in wanting to know your guardian angel, just as it is dangerous to want to speak with one. The one we should want to talk to is God. Is your desire to speak with an angel as strong as your desire to speak with God? Prayer is a supernatural experience with God. That is more powerful and important than speaking with an angel because angels cannot do anything for me without permission from their master – God. God is the One who can answer my prayers, heal my body, meet my needs, and give me spiritual understanding and guidance. Angels are His servants, and they want us to give glory to their Creator – not to themselves.