Bible Question:

I was dreaming and I saw the Holy Spirit rise above Jesus and it was explained that is why He asked why have you forsaken me? I was also told Jesus bore our sins and that is why the Holy Spirit left Him.

Bible Answer:

Have you had a dream and as a result wonder if the dream is from God? Then the following will provide guidance as you seek to determine if God is speaking to you through a dream. The question that is answered is, “How can I know if my dream is from God or myself?”

How Can I Know M Dream Is From God?

Dreams From Within

Some today teach that there are different types of dreams: dreams from Satan, ourselves and from God. But Scripture never teaches us that a person might have a dream that is caused by Satan. There are only two types of dreams mentioned in the Bible. The first type of dream is one that comes from within our being. Isaiah 29:8 is such an example. In this passage we discover that a man is very hungry and very thirsty and so at night he dreams about food and water.

It will be as when a hungry man dreams —
And behold, he is eating;
But when he awakens, his hunger is not satisfied,
Or as when a thirsty man dreams —
And behold, he is drinking,
But when he awakens, behold, he is faint
And his thirst is not quenched.
Thus the multitude of all the nations will be
Who wage war against Mount Zion.
Isaiah 29:8 (NASB)

This is the most common dream we experience. Sometimes our dreams can reveal a personal internal struggle, love, fear or worry. Unless the meaning of the dream is very obvious, trying to interpret it will result in deception, contrary to the claims of those who supposedly provide guidelines about how to understand dreams. Scripture does not provide any guidelines for interpreting or providing explanations for our dreams.

Ecclesiastes 5:7 makes a very clear and strong statement that chasing dreams results in emptiness.

For in many dreams and in many words there is emptiness. Rather, fear God. Ecclesiastes 5:7 (NASB)

The Hebrew word for emptiness is hebel. The word means “meaningless, emptiness or uselessness.” That is, it is a waste of time chasing dreams and the interpretation of dreams.

Dreams Of False Prophets

Jeremiah 23:25-27 God tells us that there are dreams from false prophets, but notice in the passage that the dreams are created by the prophet.

I have heard what the prophets have said who prophesy falsely in My name, saying, “I had a dream, I had a dream!” How long? Is there anything in the hearts of the prophets who prophesy falsehood, even these prophets of the deception of their own heart, who intend to make My people forget My name by their dreams which they relate to one another, just as their fathers forgot My name because of Baal? Jeremiah 23:25-27 (NASB)

The dream comes from within their own hearts. We are also told that their dreams are false. The dreams are deceptive and contrary to the statements of Scripture. This helps us understand if a dream might be from God.

Dreams From God

Both the Old and New Testaments tell us that dreams can come from God. For more information about dreams, please visit the “Suggested Links” below. Our question is how can one know that he or she has had a dream from God? The answer is the dream will be true and will not contradict anything stated in the Scriptures. That is what we discovered in Jeremiah 23:25-27 above.

For example, assume someone claims they had a dream and in the dream saw the Holy Spirit rise above Jesus at His baptism and was told that is why Christ asked, “Why have you forsaken me?” Additionally, lets assume the dream indicated the Holy Spirit left Christ because He was going to bear the sins of the world. Since we know that the dream contradicts Scripture we know that the dream is not from God. It is a product of the person’s mind. This dream contradicts Scripture multiple times. One contradcition is all that is necessary to determine the dream is not from God.

Why were both parts of the dream false? First, Matthew 3:16-17 tells us that the Holy Spirit did not rise up or lift up from Christ during His baptism. Instead the Holy Spirit descended upon Him.

After being baptized, Jesus came up immediately from the water; and behold, the heavens were opened, and he saw the Spirit of God descending as a dove and lighting on Him, and behold, a voice out of the heavens said, “This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well-pleased.” Matthew 3:16-17 (NASB)

That is, the Holy Spirit did not leave Him. It is important to notice in the next verse in Matthew 4:1 that the Holy Spirit was still with Christ.

Then Jesus was led up by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. Matthew 4:1 (NASB)

It is also false that the Holy Spirit left Christ when He was going to bear the sins of the world because the Holy Spirit actually helped Christ die for the sins of the world and was involved in His resurrection. (Hebrews 9:14; 1 Peter 3:18). When Jesus cried out, “My God, My God, why have You forsaken me?” His cry was addressed to His father, to God the Father.

When Christ died on the cross for our sins (1 Peter 2:24-25), He was not defeated. Instead, He was victorious over sin, the demons and everything and everyone. We praise our God that Christ was victorious.

In Many Dreams There Is Emptiness


There are more wondrous and worthwhile activities in life than seeking dreams and the interpretation of dreams. King David wrote he would rather meditate on the Word of God, on the Scriptures. His heart’s desire was to meditate on what God wrote.

My eyes anticipate the night watches,
That I may meditate on Your word.
Psalm 119:148 (NASB)

I remember the days of old;
I meditate on all Your doings;
I muse on the work of Your hands.
I stretch out my hands to You;
My soul longs for You, as a parched land.
Psalm 143:5-6 (NASB)

On the glorious splendor of Your majesty
And on Your wonderful works, I will meditate.
Psalm 145:5 (NASB)

Do not allow a desire for the mystical and secret knowledge to drive you to chase after dreams. Instead, read the Bible and discover our God (Jeremiah 9:23-24).

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