Bible Question:

I'd like to know if you have a chart, or access to one, of the genealogy from Adam and Eve to Jesus. My friend and I are getting excited about our Bible Study - even the genealogy.

Bible Answer:

The genealogy from Adam and Eve to Jesus is given to us in the gospels of Matthew (Matthew 1:1-17) and Luke (Luke 3:23-38). In response to the Q&A “Why are the genealogical records for Jesus different in Matthew and Luke?”, an explanation was given as to why each genealogy was different. The table presented in that Q&A has been expanded here to show the Luke genealogy in reverse order back to Adam and Eve. The red colored names shows those parts of the genealogies that are common to both Matthew and Luke. It should be noted that Matthew’s genealogy starts with Abraham and Luke’s genealogy starts with God. Therefore, the red genealogy section of Matthew can be found in the middle of Luke’s genealogy.

New names (see 1 Chronicles 2:11 and 3:10-16) have been inserted which were not presented in either genealogy. These additional names are in bold blue. Typically there were gaps in the genealogies. The same is true here. For example, there are approximately 400 years between Salmon and Boaz, but we only have two names. Also between Joram and Uzziah in Matthew’s genealogy there are three names left out. The genealogies were selective.


Jesus is royalty. Through Joseph, Jesus is a legal descendant of King David, and through Mary He is royalty by blood. Someday, Jesus will reign as the promised Messiah and sit on the throne of David as the prophets predicted (Isaiah 9:6-7).