The probability of 31 prophecies being fulfilled by Jesus Christ

The number above indicates the probability that all  31 prophecies in this section, Prophecies About Christ, could be fulfilled by one single male.

The reason God gave us these 31 prophecies is to help us identify the Messiah. It is estimated that there were 250 million people alive in the world in A.D. 33 – the year Jesus died. This means that one male out of the 250 million people in A.D. 33 would have had to die that year by crucifixion, be of Jewish descent from King David, be born in Bethlehem, have been a teacher using parables, healed others and performed miracles. He would have had to ride into Jerusalem on a donkey, been rejected by the leaders and then died four days later with no broken bones but with pierced feet, hands and side during absolute darkness. This individual would have had to die during one unique week – the predicted week.

To Illustrate

In order to illustrate this probability of the number at the top of the page, start with an American coin, a dime, which is approximately, 3/4 inch in diameter and 1/16 inches high.


The Earth Now imagine that someone takes the earth and hollows it out and starts filling it with dimes. He/she would need to fill 10 earths full of dimes to represent all of the chances associated with these prophecies. Next let us paint one of the dimes red. Now, the probability that one person fulfilled all of these prophecies by chance would be the same as one blindfolded person picking that one red dime the first time.

Yet, history and the Bible demonstrate that these prophecies are all true of Jesus. The prophecies tell us that Jesus is the Messiah – He is God.