Bible Question:

In the New Testament, all of the books end with amen, except for Acts and James. Why?

Bible Answer:

Which books in the New Testament end with amen? The answer is a surprise. It depends on the Bible version. Here is a list of those books that end in “amen” by Bible version. “Amen” occurs at the end of only six books in the New American Standard (NASB) Bible. In the New King James Version (NKJV) Bible, we find that “amen” occurs at the end of most of the books because it follows a different Greek text or apparatus. At the end of Philippians, the New International Version (NIV) adds the statement, “Some manuscripts do not have Amen.” Different translations follow different Greek texts and the results vary slightly. The fact that there are such slight changes is insignificant. You may wish to read  “How Accurate Is the Bible?”

New Testament Books Ending With Amen

We should note that none of the Old Testament books end with amen or Selah. It is recommended that “What is the meaning of the word Selah in the Bible?” be read for more information about Selah.


The Greek word for “amen” means “verily, surely, of a truth, truly, certainly, and so be it.” It is a simple word that implies the previous statements are truth. The Holy Spirit did not tell us why He ended some books with amen and not others. However, this does not change the meaning or the truth of the words in any of the New Testament books. All scripture is written by God and the truth written in these books does not change because some books end with amen and others do not.

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