Bible Question:

Daniel 2:36-45 mentions five kingdoms. Where would these kingdoms be located today on the map? Are these kingdoms represented in Daniel 7 as four beasts?

Bible Answer:

Daniel 2:36-45 describes five empires or kingdoms which conquered and controlled the regions of Israel and Judah from 605 BC to AD 70. These kingdoms are symbolized by four metals: gold, bronze, silver, and iron. This passage continues by telling us the fourth kingdom undergoes change and reemerges (ten toes or iron/clay). This kingdom is eventually defeated by God and the fifth kingdom which is symbolized by a mountain emerges. This is the eternal kingdom. These kingdoms are mentioned again in Daniel 7. But in Daniel 7:3-8 the symbols of these kingdoms change to four beasts and the kingdom of the Son of Man.

An explanation of these passages is given in “Prophecy About The Future.


These ancient empires were located in the Middle East since they occupied the land of Israel. The maps presented below show the boundaries of the Babylonian Empire, Media-Persian Empire, Grecian or Alexander’s Empire, and the Roman Empire as they would appear on a map of today.


The prophet Daniel predicted the order in which these great empires would occur. His prophecies were given during the time of the Babylonian and Media-Persian empires. His prophecies about Greece came about 200 years before this empire appeared. His prophecy about Rome occurred at least 450 years before it appeared.

Daniel predicted that Media-Persia was an alliance of two nations. He predicted that the Alexandrian Empire would eventually be split among four generals and one of them would be superior. Daniel’s predictions have been one hundred percent accurate so far. This is not the case with present day “prophets” – secular or spiritual. God says that His prophets never make a mistake. God’s Word is truth.