Bible Question:

What was God doing during the 400 years of silence?

Bible Answer:

By the phrase “400 years of silence” I am assuming you are referring to the 400 years between the Old and New Testaments since Malachi was written about 432-424 B.C. and Matthew was written about A.D. 40.

The Old Testament traces the history of the Jewish people from Adam and Eve to the downfall of Israel’s theocracy and then to the reestablishment of the nation Israel in their land. The Old Testament stops with the book of Malachi – the last set of events surrounding the coming of Christ.

The older scriptures contain 1) prophecy which validates its message and 2) history which reveals God and the sinful nature and character of men and women. Throughout the scriptures God was revealing Himself. But the most important reason for the Old Testament is to teach us who the Messiah would be and why He would come.

During the “400 years of silence” also called the intertestimental period, God was active in world history causing major political and military events to occur as He had predicted in the book of Daniel. During this time the nation of Greece came to power and was conquered by Rome. God had predicted this.

It was now count down time to the coming of Messiah. The nation of Israel was under going change. The Pharisees, Sadducees, and scribes came to positions of influence. Israel was looking for Messiah. The stage was set for Jesus Christ to come . . .


During the “400 years of silence” God was fulfilling prophecy and counting down to the time that Jesus would arrive on this earth and then eventually die. God told us that Messiah would die in one year and in only one year – A.D. 33. No one who has lived before or after that year can or will qualify to be Messiah – only Jesus Christ.