Bible Question:

I was with a seventeen year old boy today who has found Jesus. We were talking and eventually he said that Hitler was a Catholic! I asked him where he heard that and he said in the New Testament. Did I miss something? Was Hilter a Catholic? If so, where might I find this in history? I never heard this before and I am fifty years of age.

Bible Answer:

Hilter’s name does not occur anywhere in the Bible. It is not found in the Old Testament (written in Hebrew) or in New Testament (written in Greek). But there are those who say it can be found in language coded in the Bible.

Bible Codes

Michael Drosnin authored a book entitled “The Bible Code.” The author believes that the Bible contains hidden messages which have been unlocked by a computer. These hidden codes allegedly foretell the future. The author says that Hilter’s name is coded into the letters of the Bible. This may be what the young adult was referring to.

“The Bible Code,” tells us that the name Hitler was found along side the term “evil man,” and beside it the words, “Nazi, Germany, Berlin, slaughter,” even “Eichmann” was found embedded with the terms, “the ovens” and “extermination.”

Finnan, Dennis. Bible Codes

But there are some serious problems in believing that the Bible has hidden codes. The major problem is that God never tells us that there are hidden codes. Why would God give us a Bible and never reveal that there are hidden codes in the words He wrote? Second, the method used to find these secret statements will result in finding almost anything the researcher wants to find. Here is a passage from a web site of an author who did just that. He went looking to see what he could find.

The promoters of hidden-message claims say, “How could such amazing coincidences be the product of random chance?” I think the real question should be, “How could such coincidences not be the inevitable product of a huge sequence of trials on a large, essentially random database?” Once I learned how to navigate in puzzle-space, finding “incredible” predictions became a routine affair. I found “comet,” “Hale,” and “Bopp” linked in KJV Genesis, along with “forty” and “died,” which could be interpreted as an obvious reference to Heaven’s Gate. I found “Trinity,” “Los Alamos,” “atom,” and “bomb” encoded together in Edwards, in a section containing references to “security,” “test,” and “anti-fascist.” And I found “Hitler” linked to “Nazi” dozens of times in several books. When I set out to engineer a “hidden code” link of “code” and “bogus” in KJV Genesis, I was able to produce sixty closely linked pairs. And every single one of these pairs could fit inside a reasonably sized puzzle.

Thomas, David. Bible Code and Hidden Messages.

Hilter A Catholic

Yes, Hilter was a Catholic according to historians. But apparently, Hitler was not a very good one. John Cornwell, the author of the book entitled Hitler’s Pope: The Secret History of Pius XII, claims that the Roman Catholic Pope Pius XII even supported Hitler during World War II.


Hitler apparently knew about Jesus Christ but never believed in Him. One can live like a Christian and yet never be one. But Hitler did not even live like a Christian unless he turned to God in the final days or moments of his life.