Bible Question:

Is the Bible perfect in the aspect of accuracy? There's a bigger truth out there, hidden from the world, hidden from us by early Catholic and Christian churches who rewrote, edited, and deleted scriptures from the Bible to fit their own personal agenda. For true believers in the Bible, have you ever felt that there were things that just did not make sense within it? Perhaps there is to much dogma, or that it speaks of an all loving God, and yet there are things that seem an all loving God could not do? I am by no means an atheist. I believe in God, Jesus, and that Jesus could have possibly survived his crucifixion. Am I wrong for thinking outside the concept of “the Bible says so, so it must be true. ” Am I wrong for trying to look for the bigger truth?

Bible Answer:

The Bible is the inspired Word of God. God is perfect. He wrote it. I would encourage you to read several articles that will hopefully answer your questions. The first one is, “What Is The Bible?” Then I would encourage to you to read, “How Accurate Is the Bible?” and “The Da Vinci Code.” Those who teach or claim that the Bible has been edited, rewritten, and portions have been deleted lack scholarship or have been mislead. There is a popular trend today that seeks to discredit the Bible. Unfortunately, the current advocates that the Bible is “defective” are usually novelists who lack years of study in the Bible. We would encourage you to read, “Lost Books of the Bible.”

How would you respond to a book that contained fulfilled prophecies and historically accurate data? How would you respond to testimonies of ancient non-Christian writers about Jesus that indicated He really did die and perform miracles? That alone should give you reason to believe that the Bible is a very wonderful book. I would encourage you to explore the following as well, “Historical Jesus” and “Prophecy of Daniels’ 70 Weeks.” I would like to encourage you to read two great books titled, The New Evidence That Demands a Verdict by Josh McDowell and The Case for Christ by lee Strobel.


May God bless you as you read and search for the truth. We will be glad to help if you have more questions.

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