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It's easy to teach salvation through Jesus Christ using the New Testament. The Jews only regard the Old Testament as valid teachings. How would you preach salvation through Jesus Christ using only the Old Testament? I myself am a Gentile and have accepted salvation since the Jews turned away our Saviour. I have a Jewish friend and I can only refer to him as an anti-Christ since he does not believe in the deity of Jesus. How can I fellowship with someone who rejects my Savior? Your sight is awesome!!

Bible Answer:

For this question we asked a pastor of a Messianic Jewish ministry to contribute to the answer. We asked Steve for his response since he is a Jew who has found Jesus Christ and is a pastor to other born again Jews. Here is his response.

It is important to understand that Jewish people are like everyone else in most respects. Though it is true that Jews don’t have a relationship of trust with the New Testament, most don’t know or trust the Old Testament either. Most Americans (Jews included) are not Biblically literate and don’t often go to the Bible for their spiritual answers. It’s our privilege as God’s ambassadors to share the word gently and respectfully with those who have questions (1 Pet. 3:15). Having said that, I’d point your friend to Isaiah 53. It is a very clear presentation of the sacrificial ministry of Christ.

You asked, “How can I fellowship with someone who rejects my Savior?” Most people in this world reject our Savior! It is our duty and privilege to share Christ with a lost and [spiritually] dying world. Building relationships with the lost isn’t a sin but a responsibility.

Remember that God has a special place in His heart and in His plan for Jewish people. Pray for your friend, and gently witness as occasion arises.[1]


It is also important to note that most Jews, as well as Christians, do not know the Old Testament scriptures which they call the Tanakh. We should also quote from the New Testament since the Holy Spirit wrote both and uses both. I would encourage you to start by showing your friend the Isaiah 53 passage and explain it to him/her. The passage actually describes Jesus’ life, ministry, and death. There is more to the passage than just that Jesus died for their sins. May the Lord Jesus bless you.



1. Steve Shermett,

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