Bible Question:

Do you have any specific references of what God calls His followers? I am building a list of names that God or Jesus has called us for a Bible Study on

Bible Answer:

The Bible refers to Christians with many different names. Here is a quick and incomplete list, I am sure, from the New American Standard Bible (NASB):

Believers1 Thess 2:10
Bond servantsRev. 1:1
BrethrenJohn 12:10
Children1 John 2:18
Children of God1 John 3:1
Children of lightEph. 5:8
Chosen Race1 Peter 2:9
Christian Acts 26:28
DisciplesActs 6:2
Fathers 1 John 2:13
Fellow citizens Eph. 2:19
Fellow-heirs Rom 8:17
Fellow members Eph. 3:6
Fellow partaker 1 Cor. 3:9
Flock 1 Pet. 5:3
Heirs of God Rom 8:17
Holy Nation 1 Peter 2:9
Kingdom Rev. 1:6
Lambs John 21:15
Little children 1 John 2:1
God’s Own Possession 1 Peter 2:9
Priests Rev. 1:6
Redeemed Psalms 102:2
Royal priesthood 1 Peter 2:9
Saints Col. 1:2
Sheep John 21:16
Sons of GodRom. 8:19
Sons of LightJohn 12:36
Young men1 John 2:12


I am sure this is an incomplete list. But what a joy to see who we are in Christ. We are Christians, holy and royal. Yet we are either children, young men or fathers in the faith. That was a wonderful question!