Bible Question:

I am looking for a “Bible companion” type of information. I am looking for a document that would tell me what was happening at a particular time of the Bible or why this book was written or why that letter was sent to that particular church. As I go through the Bible I want a helper document to give me more insight as to what was going on at that time. Do you have anything like that or know of where I might get one?

Bible Answer:

There are number of excellent books that provide background information on the Bible. Some are brief and others can be very in depth. This site provides a brief summary of each book of the Bible as part of the Solid Roots series entitled All The Books. It is also available in PDF format. Here is a list of several books that I would recommend:


These are doctrinally solid books. I have yet to find a small, doctrinally solid pamphlet that provides book summaries, author, date of authorship, and key background information. If anyone knows of one, please email us.