Caesar Hadrian - Christians followed Christ

Caesar Hadrian’s Background

Hadrian, Imperator Caesar Trainus, (AD 76-136), was considered a man of culture and the arts. It appears he preferred peace rather than war. The following quote comes from a letter sent to Minucius Fundanus, proconsul of Asia, about how to treat Christians.

Caesar Hadrian’s Reference To Jesus Christ

“I do not wish, therefore, that the matter should be ignored without examination, so that these men may not be harassed, nor an opportunity given for malicious proceedings to be offered to informers. If, therefore, the provincials can clearly show their charges against these Christians, so as to answer before the tribunal, let them pursue this course only, but not just petitions, and mere outcries against Christians. For it is more fitting, if any one brings an accusation, that you should examine it.” – Eusebius, Ecclesiastical History, IV


This reference reveals several key things:

  1. Christians existed during the reign of Caesar Hadrian.
  2. Christians were in conflict with society.
  3. They followed Christ.