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Stumbling and Milestones
Stumbling and Milestones - Have you ever wondered how bees feel while they fly through the air? They flit from one flower to another collecting nectar to make honey. They spend hours and days making honey. Then someone comes along and steals their honey from them. In response they fly after him or her ,dive bombing down with their stingers targeted on some area of skin. Their goal is revenge. Maybe such episodes reveal why bees have such lousy dispositions. This illustrates what happens to us sometimes when others steal our “honey.” They offend us, and we often end up with a lousy disposition. In revenge, some of us dive down with our stingers pointed at them like a bee diving down from on high. Our goal is too hurt. When was the last time you did that? When we do, we make the situation worse and cause the offender to stumble more. Sometime we offend and do not even . . . click to continue
The Exalted Lamb That Suffered
The Exalted Lamb That Suffered - Isaiah 53 predicted the resurrection and death of Jesus Christ 700 years before it occurred. Explore this wonderful prophecy.
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Have A Bible Question?
Have A Bible Question? - Do you have a question about the Bible? Then visit this section and ask your question. You can also explore the archive of over 1,100 questions with in-depth answers. You will enjoy reading what others have asked and the response to their question.
Searching For God?
Searching For God?
How Can One Go To Heaven? - Are you seriously looking for God? Do you wonder if God cares about you? Do you wonder how God views us?
The Life and Heart of Jesus
The Life of Christ - Are you interested in knowing more about the life and teachings of Jesus Christ? Then this Bible study is for you. It explores the four gospels of the New Testament, presents photos of Israel, paintings, maps, and quotes from secular historians to help us learn more about Him.
Solid Roots Study Series
Solid Roots Bible Study - This study series features 10 lessons covering topics about how we got the Bible, the origin of man, sin, the death of Christ for example. Each lesson has a student and a teachers' edition. This series is great for a group Bible study.
MP3 Audio Bible Studies
Online MP3 Bible Studies
Online MP3 Bible Studies - We have added additional audio Bible studies for your spiritual growth. You can download them and listen on your smartphone or you can listen online. Some studies have PowerPoint charts that you can watch as you listen.
Prophecy of The Future
Prophecy of The Future - God has already determined the future of the universe. The next major event in our future is the removal of every Christian from the earth. What follows is a literal hell on earth. Then Jesus Christ returns and He sets up His 1,000 year earth kingdom. This study explains all of the details.