Evidences You Are A Christian

Evidence Of A Christian

There are a number of reasons people worry that they are not right with God and are not going to heaven.  The four statements below reveal four common reasons why people doubt they are going to heaven. After you read them go to the next page and take a self inventory test which will help you determine if you are a Christian.

Some causes for your doubts and worries . . .

You are not sure what it means to believe in Jesus.

God may be trying to help you understand that you need your sins forgiven. This only occurs when you believe in Jesus. Go to the following link about believe in Jesus and see if you really believe.


You are worried because you have sinned.

Some people doubt they are Christians because of some sin they have committed or perhaps because of a sinful habit. They fear punishment from God. They cannot imagine that they are really a Christian.


You believe you can lose your salvation.

Maybe you think you can lose your salvation and so you worry. If this is your situation then read the study “Saved Only Once” and listen to the study “Saved Only Once”.


You are just having intellectual doubts.

Maybe you believe in Jesus, and you are just having doubts. If you do, then take the self inventory test. It will reveal the marks of a true Christian. God says that after a person becomes a Christian he/she will increasingly have new attitudes, desires and actions. So the more of these statements that are true about you, the more confidence you can have that you are a Christian.

Now go to the next page for a self inventory test . . .

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