Answer true (T) or false (F) to each of the following statements:

1. _____ Secular historians state that Jesus existed.

2. _____ Secular historians reveal that Jesus did miracles.

3. _____ Jewish records attempt to explain away Jesus’ return to life.

4. _____ Men and women deserve eternal punishment because they sin.

5. _____ God will weigh our good deeds against our bad ones and then determine what happens to us.

6. _____ All one needs to do is trust Jesus to forgive his/her sins in order to escape punishment.

7. _____ To believe in Jesus includes complete trust or dependence upon Him.

8. _____ After Jesus forgives all our sins, we can never be unforgiven.

9. _____ Jesus came to earth to die for us.

10. _____ God loves us. That is why Jesus died for us.


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