Answer true (T) or false (F) to each of the following statements:

1. _____ Before people become saints, they are walking dead people.

2. _____ A person needs to be baptized in order to have his/her sins forgiven.

3. _____ People need to have a sense that they are sinners and have a desire to be forgiven before God will forgive them and allow them into heaven.

4. _____ The overwhelming message in the New Testament is that we need to believe in Jesus in order to have our sins forgiven. It is repeated again and again.

5. _____ Every saint needs to be mentored by someone spiritually more mature.

6. _____ God tells us how to recognize who is qualified to be a spiritual mentor.

7. _____ One great spiritual mystery is that God considers to be holy, yet I need to act holy.

8. _____ Every saint should be able to teach the Bible to someone else.

9. _____ Every saint is completely and totally forgiven.

10. _____ Every saint is already seated in the heaven.


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