Answer true (T) or false (F) to each of the following statements:

1. _____ The earth and all living things were created by God over millions of years.

2. _____ Man was made on the sixth day according to Genesis 1.

3. _____ Adam and Eve were both made out of dust.

4. _____ Sin entered the world because Adam sinned.

5. _____ Sin is breaking any of God’s standards.

6. _____ We sin because we are sinners.

7. _____ We sin because we choose to do so.

8. _____ Because of our sins, we die both spiritually and physically.

9. _____ Sin has resulted in conflict between spouses, parents and children, and within society.

10. _____ Adam and Eve were made perfect. That was God’s original design.

11. _____ Adam violated his relationship with God by being unfaithful to Him.


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