Studies In Genesis

The book of Genesis is foundational to a clear understanding of doctrines given in the New Testament. In the first eleven chapters of Genesis we are told about the creation, man, marriage, sin, the loss of marital paradise, the first false religion and the fact that we are all related. Genesis teaches us about tithing, the Abrahamic Covenant and the great patriarchs. We discover Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph. We also get our first glimpses of our God.

The Essential Truth

Genesis 1:1

The GAP Theory, part 1

Genesis 1:1-2

The GAP Theory, part 2

Genesis 1:1-2

The Day-Age Theory

Genesis 1:3-5

The Second Day of Creation

Genesis 1:6-8

The Third Day of Creation

Genesis 1:9-13

The Fourth Day of Creation

Genesis 1:14-19

The Fifth Day of Creation

Genesis 1:20-23

The Sixth Day of Creation

Genesis 1:24-31

The Creation of Man and Woman, part 1

Genesis 2:1-18

The Creation of Man and Woman, part 2

Genesis 2:15-25

The Fall and Its Tragedy, part 1

Genesis 3:1-15

The Fall and Its Tragedy, part 2

Genesis 3:14-24

Cain Murdered Abel – The First Murder

Genesis 4:1-16

Characteristics of a Wicked Civilization

Genesis 4:16-26

Godly Line of Seth

Genesis 5:1-32

The Grief of God

Genesis 6:1-10

Noah’s Ark – The Character of God

Genesis 6:11-22

The Flood, part 1

Genesis 7:1-12

The Flood, part 2

Genesis 8:1-12

The Flood, part 3

Genesis 8:8-22

The Post-Flood World

Genesis 9:1-29

The Descendants of Noah

Genesis 10:1-11:35

The Call of Abram

Genesis 12:1-20

Abram and Lot Separate

Genesis 13:1-16

Abram and Melchizedek

Genesis 14:1-24

Promises and Prophecies of God

Genesis 15:1-21

The Committee and Ishmael

Genesis 16:1-16

The Covenant of Circumcision

Genesis 17:1-27

The Birth of Isaac Promised

Genesis 18:1-33

The Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah

Genesis 19:1-38

Abraham Sins

Genesis 20:1-18

The Birth of Isaac

Genesis 21:1-24

The Sacrifice of Isaac

Genesis 22:1-24

The Death and Burial of Sarah

Genesis 23:1-20

Wife For Isaac

Genesis 24:1-67

Abraham, Isaac and Birth of Esau and Jacob

Genesis 25:1-34

Isaac – Lessons About God’s Will, part 1

Genesis 26:1-6

Isaac – Lessons About God’s Will, part 2

Genesis 26:7-33

Blessings of Jacob

Genesis 26:34-28:5

Jacob Meets God

Genesis 28:1-22

The Legacy of Sin

Genesis 29:1-30:24

Jacob Escapes Laban

Genesis 30:25-31:51

Wrestling With God

Genesis 32:15-32

Jacob Meets Esau

Genesis 33:1-20

The Rape of Dinah

Genesis 34:1-31

Jacob Returns To Bethel

Genesis 35:1-29

Joseph’s Adventure Begins

Genesis 36:1-37:36

Judah and Tamar – Sex and Scripture

Genesis 38:1-30

Joseph In Prison

Genesis 39:1-40:23

Joseph: Second To Pharaoh

Genesis 41:1-57

Joseph’s Brothers Sent To Egypt

Genesis 42:1-43:34

Joseph: Example of Forgiveness

Genesis 44:1-45:28

Jacob’s Family Moves To Egypt

Genesis 46:1-47:31

Jacob Blesses Joseph’s Sons

Genesis 48:1-22

Jacob Blesses His Twelve Sons

Genesis 49:1-33

Faith, Forgiveness and Future Hope

Genesis 50:1-26