Bible Question:

What does the Bible say about homosexuality and lesbianism? All biblical information regarding lesbians, same sex unions, and/or non-tradional marriages. I need to be absolutely correct regarding these issues as I need to pass on these truths to local people who are dealing with these lifestyles. Thanks in advance.

Bible Answer:

Homosexuality and lesbianism refer to sexual encounters between people of the same sex: males with males and females with females. A lesbian is actually a female homosexual. Therefore, in this document when the word homosexual is used it will include lesbianism. The English word “gay” has lost it’s older meaning and no longer means to be joyful or to have a good time. It has been redefined to refer to those who are homosexuals. Some of them are married and are even adopting children. By the year 2000, one state in America has legalized same sex marriages. Our educational institutions are now teaching alternative lifestyles and tolerance. Our churches are reinterpreting scripture and changing the meaning of various passages in order to approve of this sin. Churches are ordaining homosexual pastors. The church in America is increasingly adopting the cultural view that homosexuality is not a real or serious sin but an alternate lifestyle.sins but an alternate lifestyle.

Due to the level of interest in this subject and the importance of it to Christians, a full discussion has been prepared. You can read the response at The Bible on Same Sex Relations.