Bible Question:

What are the major ideas of the Sermon on the Mount? What exactly is it?

Bible Answer:

We have an excellent study on the “Sermon on the Mount” . I would encourage you to start with lesson one and study along with us.

Someone’s Ideas

Here is a distorted view of the Sermon on the Mount that is designed to make a point.

Happy are the pushers, for they get on in the world.

Happy are the hard boiled, for they never let life hurt them.

Happy are the they who complain, for they get their own way in the end.

Happy are the base, for they never worry over their sins.

Happy are the slave drivers, for they get results.

Happy are the knowledgeable men of the world, for they know their way around.

Happy are those who are enjoying sexual sins, lying, “getting even,” and ignoring God for they do not know they are going to hell.

Happy are the troublemakers, for they make people take notice of them.

Happy are those who let no one insult them or hurt them, for they will be in control.

revised, Philips, When God Was Man (Nashville, Abington, 1955)

Unfortunately, this is the way many people live and it seems to work for them.

Jesus’ Ideas

The Sermon on the Mount was a sermon that Jesus gave to a crowd of people sitting on a hill side. He shocked them with the things He said. In His sermon, He described the marks of a true disciple of God. At the very beginning, He describes those who are happy (or blessed). Only true Christians mourn over their sin, are poor in spirit because they see their sinfulness and hunger for righteousness. Only true Christians are capable of being gentle, peacemakers, merciful, pure in heart and willing to suffer persecution, mockery and endure insults for what they believe.

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus reveals the false practices and teachings of the supposedly righteous, religious leaders of His day. He tells us we commit murder in our heart when we hate. We commit adultery in our heart when we lust after someone who is not our spouse. We should not vow. We should love our neighbor, and the list goes on.


Let me encourage you to join us in the study of the Sermon on the Mount.