Bible Question:

I listen to “Christian Hardcore.” The band I am currently listening to is “Haste the Day.” The lyrics are awesome. They are not “demonic or anything like that.” Its just that their style is different. Most people know the screaming style. Just because the sound is different, does it mean that its wrong? Just because they don't directly mention “God” or “Jesus,” is that wrong? Your time is GREATLY appreciated! Please examine the lyrics from one of their songs called Blue 42.

Bible Answer:

The lyrics of the song “Blue 42” are as follows:

Burning bridges
Burning bridges
Shut myself off from the world
Burning bridges
Burning bridges
Shut myself off from life

As the ashes fall
As the ashes fall
Through the fire
Through the flame

Life purified again
I won’t look back
To the chains that bound me

I will lay to rest my ghosts
I will stand up straight and walk away
Leaving them far behind

Won’t look back
Chains that bound me

Every song with or without words has an impact. That is the simple truth. The music impacts one’s emotions and the words affect one’s mind. The effect might be different with different people. Extensive research has demonstrated that most individuals study best with soft to moderately quiet music. The commercial industry has conducted studies to establish an environment that will motivate us to buy. For example, many stores play soft to moderately quiet music. The exception are those stores that serve the youth which tend to play louder contemporary pop music. Just ask yourself, why do most hospitals play soft music? Most restaurants play music louder to cover “the conversation next door.” Music has an effect on all of us.

As you implied, the song above does not use the name of God anywhere. The words are simple and clean. The song is dark in its mood because it appears the song writer was struggling with sin. His or her sins of the past were like chains that had bound him or her. The song appears to imply that freedom or victory over sin came when they “stood up straight and walked away.” As a result they left them far behind and their “life was purified again.” The song seems to imply that we need to take a stand against sin and walk away from sin.

But the song is also not biblically accurate. Victory over sin comes only when a person believes in Jesus Christ and then as the believer confesses his/her sin and depends on the Holy Spirit for victory over sin. We cannot “stand up and walk away” on our own. Also, we are not purified again, except in the sense that after we confess our sins, our sins are forgiven. We are still sinners. Unfortunately, the words of the song are too vague. This author is not even sure that our interpretation is correct. The song is vague enough to have a “special meaning” for other religions and cults. The absence of Jesus’ name or God is not necessarily a negative. Our primary concern with this song is that it is extremely vague. The spiritual application is incomplete, especially coming from a group that claims to be composed of Christians.

Here are two questions to explore. First, would a song with clear God honoring words be more glorifying to God in light of Philippians 4:8?

Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things. (NASB) Phil. 4:8

Second, does the volume of the music damage you ability to hear? Currently, audiologists are reporting a significant increase or “epidemic” among young adults who have suffered significant hearing loss due to the volume of their music. As the hearing is damaged further, the volume of music is increased louder and louder, eventually resulting in significant damage to the ears.


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