Bible Question:

Who is the person in Isaiah 29:12?

Bible Answer:

Isaiah 29 is a prophecy about God’s judgment upon Jerusalem and Judah. God blinded the spiritual eyes of the Israelites as part of their judgment (v. 9-10). Isaiah 29:11-12 tells us that no one, including the prophets and priests, would be able to understand why the judgment was coming.

The entire vision will be to you like the words of a sealed book, which when they give it to the one who is literate, saying, “Please read this,” he will say, “I cannot, for it is sealed.” Then the book will be given to the one who is illiterate, saying, “Please read this.” And he will say, “I cannot read.” (NASB) Isaiah 29:11-12

The prophets, priests, and the people who could not read would not be able to know what was written and those who could read would not be able to understand. God would not allow them to understand. This occurred because Israel had repeatedly disobeyed and rejected God. God had given the Israelites in Jerusalem and Judah repeated opportunities to repent and with judgment coming nothing would stop its fulfillment. They had been given many opportunities to repent and now judgment was coming.


The same is true today. Some come to the scriptures and cannot understand them because God has blinded their spiritual eyes. God has pronounced judgment because of their repeated, persistent indulgence in sin, and continued rejection of Jesus Christ. Consequently, God pronounces judgment.

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