Bible Question:

I am not sure what I am asking, but I heard someone talk about entering through the gates or pathway by seven different ways. I know one of the ways is through the eyes. Could you please help me out? Thank you

Bible Answer:

I am not sure I know exactly what you are referring to. The Old Testament refers to the path or the way of the righteous seven times,

Path/ Way of the RighteousPassage
Avoids sexual sinProv. 2:10-20
Path of the righteous shines brighter and brighterProv. 4:18
Guide to his neighborProv. 12:26
Is life, and . . . there is no deathProv. 12:28
Is exalted and made straightProv. 12:28
His/her gray head is a crown of gloryProv. 16:31
Is uprightness Isa. 26:7

But these do not seem to fit your question. The New Testament does refer to three paths the world uses to cause to sin. One of these ways the lust of the eyes. The second is the pride of life and the other is the lust of the flesh. These are the world’s vehicles for tempting us to sin.


Unfortunately, I am not exactly sure what the topic is. Please feel free to resubmit with a follow-up question.