Bible Question:

I attend 3 different churches receiving 3 different fillings. I attend one for the teaching and fellowship. The other for the praise and worship and another that is very pentecostal in the flow of the Holy Spirit. Should I be in just one church? What is your opinion? And how does this affect headship in my life as well as covering.

Bible Answer:

I would encourage you to attend one church – the one that you go to for teaching. You will never find any of the prophets or apostles encourage anyone to go to church for singing, which you call “praise and worship” or for an experience. There is only one passage in the New Testament that encourages us to gather with other believers, but the scriptures contain numerous commands to know the Word of the Lord. The teaching is the priority. The teaching is required for personal growth and to know God. There are some links at the end of this response that I would encourage to read.


May God bless you.

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