Bible Question:

How do you define the will of God in an angle that young people would understand? What would be the best illustration to use for presenting the will of God?

Bible Answer:

Let me answer the questions in the reverse order. Here is an illustration to consider.

When some people think about the will of God – they fear God has decided every little thing a person is supposed to do. Bu that is not true. He has not already decided everything in your life.

But He has does have boundaries for us – young people and adults. He gives us a lot of freedom, but He has determined certain things in our life that He wants us to do. God’s will is like a road. He does not care if walk on the right side, the left side or down the middle. He does not care if you jump your way down the road, run down the road, jog, skip, or walk fast. He does not care if you sing or if you are silent. But he does care if you leave the road. He wants you to always stay on the road. He has made a different road for each of us. The road is God’s will for your life. The road will turn and twist, but He does not want us to ever leave it and walk into the swamp, the ditch, the river, or the jungle.

What is the will of God for your life? What are the boundaries of the road? They are shown in the table below. These are known five known “wills of God” that are given in His Word.

Be sexually pure1 Thess. 4:3-8
Be filled with Holy SpiritEph. 5:17-18
You will suffer1 Pet. 4:19
Give thanks always 1 Thess. 5:18
Submit to your government1 Pet. 2:13-15

Now like the illustration of the road. we can walk and run and do what we want as long as we stay on that road. Yet, once in a while He may give you a “turn on the road.” How do you determine which way to go? This would be like, “Who should I marry?” “Where should I go to school?” “What should I attend?” Well, again, God has given us guidelines in Psalms 37:4. A study of this verse and the five known “wills of God” is presented at this site. You will find it helpful in understanding the will of God more.


The will of God is like a road. He has determined its bounds but not how we go down the road. Scripture tells us what the bounds are and how to determine which turn in the road to take.