Bible Question:

I have a problem with your response to the

Bible Answer:

The question is designed to prove that God is not almighty and is in fact limited. The question is biased from the start. There are two potential answers to the question.

First Answer

The first answer says that God is not powerful enough to create something that He is not powerful enough to lift. Either way God is defeated. The question is not a fair question. It does not seek truth!

Second Answer

The question challenges God to make a rock that is too big for Him to move. How big would this rock have to be? Would the rock need to big as Mt. Everest? Would the rock need to be as big the earth? Maybe the rock would have to be bigger than our solar system or bigger than the universe. How big would the rock need to be? Is it possible that God is so Almighty that no matter how big the rock, He can always move it? If so, that is an Almighty God !!!!!!!!!


The question does not seek to determine if there is a God that is almighty. The question seeks only a negative answer. It is flawed. God is Almighty. There is nothing that He cannot do! No matter how big the rock He can always move it. I would not want a God that is limited in some silly fashion.