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I have 2 questions: 1) If people were around the same time as dinosaurs, with all the millions of fossils found, why are there no human skeletons dug up in the same layer of soil? 2) With all the marine species of dinosaurs why are they not around with today's marine species?

Bible Answer:

First, there is a great deal of evidence that humans and dinosaurs did co-exist. They lived at the same time. However, we are not referring tofossils in the ground. The evidence exists in the drawings of ancient artifacts that show dragons and humans together. It is also important to note folks of long ago drew images of dinosaurs on pots, stones and other artifacts. Now if they did not live at the same time as dinosaurs, how did they know how to draw them? How did they know what they looked like? We did not know what they looked like until recent history with all of the archaeological activity. This is an important question since we are erroneously told today that dinosaurs died off before man came into existence. The answer to the question is simple. They saw them. They knew what they looked like and so could draw images of them.

Petroglyph From National Bridge National Monument in Utah, U.S

The website has a detailed explanation of this petroglyph that is important reading. At the webpage titled, “Where’s the Evidence of Dinosaur and Human Co-existence?,” Answers In Genesis provides some additional information about the coexistence of dinosaurs and humans. They provide additional information on the page titled, “Why Don’t We Find Human & Dinosaur Fossils Together?” The author who wrote this article explains that the reason human and dinosaur fossils are not found together is that: 1) humans do not fossilize like non-humans, in this case, 2) there were very few humans before the flood to fossilize, and 3) humans most likely would have avoided being near dinosaurs because dinosaurs could have easily killed them. He also adds,

The first issue to consider is what we actually find in the fossil record. ~95% of all fossils are shallow marine organisms, such as corals and shellfish. ~95% of the remaining 5% are algae and plants. ~95% of the remaining 0.25% are invertebrates, including insects. The remaining 0.0125% are vertebrates, mostly fish. The number of dinosaur fossils is actually relatively small, compared to other types of creatures. Since the Flood was a marine catastrophe, we would expect marine fossils to be dominant in the fossil record. And that is the case. Vertebrates are not as common as other types of life-forms. This makes sense of these percentages and helps us understand why vertebrates, including dinosaurs, are so rare and even overwhelmed by marine organisms in the record.”[1]

Marine Dinosaurs

Your second question asked about marine dinosaurs or at least that is what evolutionists call them. Fossils of marine life do exist. For example, in a article titled, “Marveling at Marine Dinosaurs” which was published by a Canadian news website, Metro News, we read this,

It’s about as far from an ocean as you can get, and one of the last places you might expect to discover the remnants of a prehistoric sea monster that once ruled the marine world. But some of Canada’s richest deposits of marine dinosaurs are found in the sand-like soil of Modern, Man., about 100 kilometres southwest of Winnipeg. It’s here that researchers, families and even school children have unearthed the remains of 80-million-year-old reptiles. The treasure trove of skeletons discovered just outside the town prompted enthusiasts in 1979 to pool their collection of ancient bones and establish what is now the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre, the country’s largest collection of marine reptile fossils. The museum is home to “Bruce,” the largest mosasaur in Canada, and other reptiles that were once at the top of the prehistoric food chain at a time when much of Western Canada was under salt water. “We have some really cool fossils here,” said acting museum curator Joseph Hatcher. “They are large vertebrates like dinosaurs, contemporaries with them fearsome mosasaurs and plesiosaurs as well as a lot of large fish, turtles, squid and even some birds.”[2]


It is clear from Job 40:15-41:34 that God describes two types of dinosaurs, one of them being what we call a dragon. When God spoke to Job, it is obvious that God assumed Job understood what God was talking about. Now that is Old Testament proof that dinosaurs lived at the same time as humans. God bless.

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