The One We Hardly Know  
he word “love” is a strange word. One person thinks it refers to something warm and cuddly, another believes it means self-sacrifice for another, and others think it means having sex. The only way to know how another person really understands the word is to know him/her. Most men think that a beautiful woman must be a very wonderful and sexy person. Women are usually attracted to a man’s character and kindness. If everything goes well, they will eventually get married and then they will discover who the other person really is! A couple once came to me for counseling complaining that they had a great relationship before marriage. But things changed on the wedding night. He was not affectionate and loving and she was offended. The marriage grew worse from then on. During counseling it became apparent that they really did not know one another before they married.
If you were asked to describe God, what would you say? Most Christians would probably say that there is only one God. There is no other god, except for Him (Isa. 45:21). Then they would add that God is three persons: God the Father, God the Son - Jesus Christ, and God the Holy Spirit. That is an important starting point. But God is more than a Trinity. It is not possible to really love someone you do not know very well. What would you add? What do you say about God?
Jesus Christ. On several occasions I have had the joy to ask a group of Christians, “If a non-Christian wanted to know something about Jesus, what would you tell him or her? What would be your answer?” The group was eager to mention several facts about Jesus.
A Hint . . .
A Hint . . .
Someone said that Jesus was a man. Another person added that Jesus was both man and God. Others said that Jesus was born of a virgin mother, was circumcised eight days later, grew up a child just like every other human, and was hungry, thirsty, and slept like we do.
What would you add? Would you explain that Jesus started His ministry at the age of thirty and died three years later because the politicians and Roman authorities did not like Him? Would you explain that Jesus came to earth for the purpose of dying? That He came to die for our sins? Why did He do this?
There are many things we can say about Jesus and most Christians can name these facts and more. Many would also say that Jesus returned to heaven and will return some day and set-up His kingdom.
Holy Spirit. Then I asked the group, “Who is the Holy Spirit? What did He do? What does He do for you and for other Christians?” They were not as quick this time to mention some facts about the Holy Spirit. Someone said, “He convicts us of sin!” Another said, “He seals us” (2 Cor. 1:22; Eph. 1:13). Another added, “He helps us pray.” Others said that He teaches us and leads us. The Holy Spirit also gives spiritual gifts and empowers us.
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